An advisor will work as part of the Procurement Facilities Department and will assist in delivering an efficient and effective service to both external and internal customers. They will provide all manners of advice and guidance to suppliers and customers that relate to procurement policies and procedures and the alternate procurement procedures available to clients, the core aims and values of Turning Point as a whole, and regulatory and statutory requirements of procurement programmes.  Successful candidates would be familiar with the company and be very willing to learn about its key aims and functions.

They should be enthusiastic and self-motivated and be prepared to report to the procurement and facilities senior advisor. Advisors will also assist in providing day-to-day management and development of an effective needs-based and fully comprehensive information database. Strong IT skills are required and evidence of experience in an IT position would be desirable. They will have knowledge of spreadsheet and database production. The successful candidate would also have strong verbal and written communication skills and be able to work well in a challenging and adaptable professional environment. The role includes completing some smaller, more menial administration duties, so evidence of office work experience would also be desirable.

A typical day may involve assisting customers in better managing their budgets, (this requires some numeracy and problem solving skills) managing lower responsibility agreements and contracts, managing the collection of income from external customers of suppliers, and generally providing guidance and support to any and all Turning Point customers. The Turning Point team will also look to the position holder for guidance in providing alternative options for them such as time or finance cutting measures or budget management improvements.

An advisor works both on their own and as part of a team. He or she would therefore reflect good team-working skills and a tolerance for fresh input and ideas. Often advisors will find themselves under a great deal of strain or pressure and the ability to work well under these conditions is obligatory. They would also have strong marketing skills as customer interaction is a daily routine. This also means that a successful candidate would reflect an admirable capacity to empathy with clients, have good diplomacy skills and be competent at dealing with complaints and issues.


A higher or secondary higher vocational qualification is ideal, a Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) qualification (or equivalent) would be highly favourable.


Work related to procurement policies such as a procurement assistant and customers services. Knowledge of database and spreadsheet entries would also be beneficial.


Strong team working skills, numeracy skills, problem solving skills, people skills, the ability to work well under pressure and without supervision, marketing skills, written and verbal communication skills, knowledge of procurement processes.