Ex-offender Referral Coordinator

Ex-offender referral coordinators are there to bridge the gap between the services provided by the HM Probation and Prison Services, the Housing Needs Group, and the housing needs of ex-offenders. They are there to make sure that these services are being utilized by those who need the support, and that they are being carried out in a standardised, full and fair way.

The day-to-day activities a position holder would be expected to carry out include: Helping to form new policies and procedures in relation to pathways for homeless ex-offenders (such as shelter accommodation); liaising closely with the Supporting People Service, the Housing Needs group and other accommodation providers; or undertaking performance analysis and recording (and filing) results.

The position holder would have a prior, impressive knowledge of the needs for ex-offenders and would show a willingness to develop ideas for improvements to these initiatives. Evidence of a keen interest and knowledge of current related issues would also be required. It is essential that they would have had experience working with homeless people, including those with behavioural problems or with a criminal conviction.


A degree (or equivalent) would be advantageous, though not essential.


The position holder would have had experience working with the homeless, including those with behavioural problems or with a criminal conviction. He or she would also be experienced in roles that demand tight targets to be met.


He or she would be strongly familiar with the support needs of homeless ex-offenders and of the help options available to them. They would possess strong written and verbal communication skills as presentations, written by them, are often a requirement. Additionally, strong team work and team building skills, people skills and the ability to reach targets and meet deadlines are all essential requirements.