Group Worker

Group Worker

Some YOTs have specific posts to ensure that there is a continuous supply of group work programmes which match with the identified needs of the local service users and the range of interventions offered.

The types of groups may include:

  • Offending behaviour
  • Knife Possession Prevention programmes
  • Diversity related groups for example working with young women or with young black men.
  • Assisting with the running of parenting groups.

Group workers have to work closely with YOT officers to ensure that appropriate referrals are made, the young person is supported whilst attending the programme and any absences are followed up promptly.

Group workers would also need to contribute to the monitoring of group work outcomes.

Good communication, motivational techniques and information sharing skills are required.  Previous experience and training in running groups in Criminal or Youth Justice settings would be an advantage together with a good knowledge of effective practice in working with young people.