Parenting Support Worker

The parenting support worker works as part of the Westminster Drugs Project as a therapeutic service for children, parents and families affected by substance misuse. They provide one-to-one and group support and treatment. They aim to keep children safe and healthy, families to be informed of the affects of substance misuse, to maintain communications with local authorities, and to train adults to be effective and responsible parents.

They offer holistic practical and therapeutic support. This can be applied to parents whom don’t acknowledge the effects that their substance misuse is having on their children, children whom have suffered the negative impact of substance abuse and have yet to express their feelings or worries about it, or any other individual impacted by misuse. The results aim towards helping adults become more responsible, informing parents of the dangers and damages, and helping build stronger relationships between family members.

A successful candidate would have had experience at working with children in one-to-one and/or group sessions, maintaining and organising group projects, and working as part of a successful and dynamic team. Knowledge of relevant acts of legislation such as the Children and Young Person’s Act would be an advantage as well as an understanding of first aid. Some travelling may be required as well as flexible hours (including the possibility of some evening and weekend work).

Other relevant skills include strong organisational and administrative duties (paper work is often required). Additionally, the ability to be understanding and caring is necessary as one-to-one counseling is a central feature of the role. Problem solving skills and some previous office experience would also be preferable.


A related academic or vocational qualification would be preferable, though not essential.


Evidence of work with children in one-to-one and/or group setting, maintaining and organising group projects, and working as part of a successful and dynamic team is required.


Problem solving skills, people skills, organizational skills, team work and team building skills.