Case Manager/Outreach Worker/Targeted Youth Support (TYS)/Youth Inclusion Programme (YIP)

These roles involve working with children and young people who are at risk of becoming involved in offending or anti-social behaviour.  In some areas this includes a developing role in gang prevention work. Prevention schemes are organised differently in each area and may include any of the following.

Targeted Youth Support Workers

TYS workers would work with local services to access and develop services for vulnerable young people as outlined in the DCSF Targeted Youth Support paper…/Youth/targetedyouth/targetedyouthsupport

Youth Inclusion Programme

The YIP works with the 50 most “at risk” young people and their peers and siblings. YIP workers will engage young people through one to one key sessions as well as group based issue workshops and positive or constructive activities.

Responsibilities will include the assessment of young people and their parents/carers using the ONSET assessment framework and working with the families to agree some short term interventions that will strengthen protective factors and resilience whilst addressing their risk factors. The worker would then deliver interventions identified in the plans and co-ordinate the services of other agencies and contacts also identified.


These posts require good skills of engagement with young people and their families as the interventions are usually of a voluntary nature. Workers will need to have excellent communication skills and have the confidence and ability to negotiate and work with a variety of other agencies.


Previous experience of working with children, young people and their families and an understanding of why young people become involved in antisocial and offending behaviour would be required.

The above positions may include some evening and weekend work.