Reparation Worker

A Reparation Worker will co-ordinate and support a range of interventions and community reparation projects that young people will have to undertake as part of their Referral or Community Order. The activities should be beneficial to the victims and local community.

All young people will need to be assessed for suitability for any of the reparation projects and each activity will also need to be risk assessed. The worker would need to ensure that all activities are recorded fully and that information is shared appropriately with colleagues to assist in their case management.

Officers may also be expected to work evenings and/or at the weekends.

It would be desirable for some previous experience in working with health and safety risk assessments but training can usually be provided for this.

Some YOTs will include Reparation in a broader Restorative Justice Post which would include the development and implementation of a comprehensive range of restorative justice services for victims and young offenders.