Online support for victims of crime

Work with offenders on My Support Space

My Support Space is a new online resource designed by the independent charity Victim Support for the Ministry of Justice in order to help victims of crime manage the impact that crime has had on them.

Sign up is free and people can work through a series of interactive guides which address their specific needs. The advantage of an online resource is that the guides are designed to be completed at any time that suits the individual and at their own pace. Users can save their progress and go back to where they left off at any time.

There's also information about where and how people can access further support, and the opportunity to register with SilverCloud, an online therapy system.


SilverCloud is a digital mental health platform which offers more than 30 programmes across the mental health spectrum. It offers programmes for a wide range of common mental health problems as well as help with wellbeing and support with the mental health aspects of living with a long term condition.

My Support Space is aimed at people aged over 16 who have experienced crime and need help to cope and move forwards. It is designed for people who are experiencing a low to moderate impact after crime. For people who are experiencing a much more severe impact after crime, or who are at risk, it is recommended that people get personal support from a Victim Support caseworker who might also suggest they use the online resource in addition to the direct support from the caseworker.

The content is designed to help people reflect on their feelings after crime and learn a range of techniques to help them support themselves during a difficult time. The interactive guides feature videos, techniques, activities and tips to help people explore each topic.

Users can also create an online diary to help them keep track of their progress and record what works for them.

The list of topics is extensive and includes the following:

  • Stalking and harassment
  • Online crime
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Social media harassment
  • Financial abuse
  • Romance fraud
  • Investment fraud
  • Coronavirus scammers and fraudsters
  • Coronavirus: Living with domestic abuse or coercive control
  • Coronavirus: Face coverings and anxiety
  • Surviving hate crime
  • Home safety

All the topics provide information, advice and practical tips in an interactive format.

The site also provides information on victims’ rights including the criminal injuries compensation scheme, rights at work (such things as taking time off) and information on how the legal and justice systems work and legal rights and entitlement as a victim.

Using the resource

My Support Space is available to everyone affected by crime, regardless of whether they have reported it to the police or not. It is a secure online resource which uses two-factor authentication when people log back in to ensure that that people feel confident that they are the only person who can access their account, even if someone else knows the password. This is, of course, particularly important for people coping with domestic abuse.

The resource is also available for people supporting someone after they’ve experienced crime or trauma, for example friends, family members, colleagues or neighbours.

People in this category can select that they are a supporter rather than a victim or witness of crime when they set up an account. This gives them access to guides that have been designed to help them support a loved one.

You can find My Support Space via this link: