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Detention officer found guilty of assault in custody

Nottinghamshire Police staff member who had been spat at previously by prisoner given a conditional discharge

A Nottinghamshire Police detention officer has been given an 18-month conditional discharge after being found guilty of assaulting a man in custody.

David Flint, 47, was found guilty of assault against a handcuffed male prisoner in the custody suite at Mansfield police station on November 4, 2015.

Magistrates were told Flint had remembered the same prisoner spitting at him during a separate period of detention on a previous date, motivating him to commit the crime.

Flint denied common assault, claiming to have used reasonable force in circumstances fearing a repeat incident.

His defence was not accepted by Nottingham Magistrates’ Court which ruled that Flint’s behaviour was unjustified.

Flint was ordered to pay £620 costs, has been suspended from duty and will be the subject of an internal disciplinary process.