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Cloud evidence management systems to be a "powerful tool" in collaborative working

Boss of tech firm Genetec wants the companys software to make life easier for UK officers.

Cloud-based evidence systems could save police forces a significant amount of time.

That is the view of Simon Cook, sales engineering manager at Genetec, a technology company working on introducing one such system to UK law enforcement.

Genetec Clearance is a case management system allowing users to collect, manage and share evidence on a case from different sources.

Speaking at the Forensics Europe Expo 2017, Mr Cook claimed the company’s software could overcome “siloed” working between police forces, as well as between the various other bodies they interact with.

He said: “The police work with a lot of software, different packages to receive information and work on cases but the problem with everything they do today is that it’s siloed so it’s difficult for them to actually work collaboratively.

“Clearance is all hosted in the cloud so nothing needs to be installed or set up, no permissions granted for licenses or anything like that. It can be done on a smartphone, iPad or standard PC with a web browser.

“To put this into context, if I am an officer investigating a case and I need to try and get hold of some privately owned CCTV I can email the owner of the property or whoever controls that footage with a request and they can simply upload the footage through a link.

“What it really does is it reduces the time that that officer uses to go to the guy and get that footage, we have spoken to some of the police forces and we’re talking two or three hours just to do that so it reduces the time it takes to do that sort of thing.

“Again if we are talking about working with other departments, again he can just add those departments to the case he’s working on.

“There are different privileges and sub privileges you can set for contributors depending on what you want them to do.

“Everything is collected in one place, it’s not hosted on one machine at one police force headquarters, it’s all done in the cloud.

“Nothing else extra is needed, this makes life easier from the police right through to the CPS and allows them to get things done quicker.”

(Credit: Genetec UK)

Mr Cook also revealed the firm were in the early stages of introducing the technology to UK forces and said officers’ ‘eyes lit up’ when they realised what the software was able to do.

He added: “We have spoken to forces and they’re already saying ‘get this in’ and the eyes started lighting up and you could see the imagination start to go with what the possibilities are.

“We think it’s going to be a really good solution for police forces in general.

“We’ve spoken to various police bodies to make sure that we are accredited and approved to be able to sell into the community, Genetec ourselves actually have a law enforcement application group internally meaning we are allocation resources and people to develop solutions for the police globally but the focus is here for us in the UK as well.

“This is one of many solutions which will be targeted towards law enforcement.

“It’s going to be a really powerful tool, the collaborative working, the remote working, the reduction in time for collecting information and sharing information is huge.

“Certainly with the police forces that have trialled it they’re reducing case closure rates and increasing time efficiency.”