Drug Intervention Programme Workers

The Drug Intervention Programme is a key element of the government’s strategy to tackle drug-related crime. Every local authority has a DIP and there are a range of posts available for experienced drug workers and social care workers who want to work in partnership with criminal justice agencies. DIP Workers work with clients in the Criminal Justice Service, they may be required to:

  • Provide assessments and propose treatment plans to the Court regarding an individual’s suitability for a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement
  • Deliver Structured Interventions on a 1:1 basis ( Mi and CBT)
  • Case manage
  • Co lead group interventions
  • Develop a good knowledge of treatment services to facilitate appropriate referral

DIP workers need to be able to work in partnership with DIP colleagues and other community partners, including Probation. They also need to be able to produce written assessments for Court within tight timescales.