Enhanced Arrest Referral Worker

Enhanced arrest referral workers work very closely with the Police. Their main purpose is to offer advice and provide onward referrals to specialist care. The aim of the role is to aid effective and accurate interventions at an early stage of substance misuse as a means of increasing the chances that the individual will be able to make serious long-term changes to their lifestyle for the better.

The role requires a great deal of empathy and understanding of peoples’ unique conditions and problems. A successful candidate would reflect the skills to be both understanding and firm and an ability to be decisive with what they believe the best course of action is for an individual. Evidence of excellent people skills as well as experience in a one-to-one or group development role would be desirable.

Candidates should also be highly confident as they will often be regarded in a supporting and mentoring light with individuals. They will be required to develop a deep understanding of each case and extensive, often lengthy one-to-one meetings are part of the day-to-day job. Strong negotiating, diplomatic and listening skills are also required as well as experience in, and knowledge of, the health, social care, and criminal justice sectors. A basic understanding of what Addaction does would also stand a candidate in good stead.

Other duties that may be asked of an enhanced arrest referral worker include producing pre-release work programmes for prisoners which cover all issues relating to overdose and relapse prevention, practical advice and support and harm minimisation guidance. They are also responsible for the information regarding each case and are expected to keep this completely confidential in accordance with the Criminal Justice Intervention Programme (knowledge of which would be an advantage).


A recognized professional qualification or a specific Substance Misuse Qualification. A post-qualifying diploma in Substance Misuse would be beneficial.


Extensive work in in a similar role in the criminal justice, health and/or social care sectors. Work in a one-to-one or group setting would be an advantage and work with drug misuse clients is essential.


Strong people skills, IT skills, team work skills, clinical observation skills would be desirable.