Police Liaison and Admin Support Officer

The central task of the police liaison and admin support officer is to provide general effective support for clients and staff of The Youth Offending team manager. They are expected to participate in the performance and development review of the police force, which is a way of enshrining the leadership skills and knowledge needed by all policing staff. This is, however, one of a number of duties expected of this multi-disciplinary role.

These include typing and clerical duties such as filing (both computer and paper records), faxing, printing, binding, telephone and administrative duties. A successful candidate would have proficient literacy and office skills as well as proven experience in an office environment. Regular liaising with police staff is expected and officers will be adept at working well as part of a team. The collation, organisation and preservation of accurate data are key aspects of the role as well as regular report writing. Knowledge of working with specialist data filling systems would be also desirable. They are also expected to act as representatives for both the police and the YOT at meetings, so excellent verbal communication skills are necessary.

Officers are expected to produce risk assessment reports, so knowledge of 1998’s Data Protection Act, especially clauses related to information confidentiality, is an essential requirement. ¬†Other essential skills include knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Excel (a related qualification would also be desirable). A minimum of two years’ experience of inputting data into computer systems for the YOT or the police is required.

Successful candidates would be committed to promoting and upholding equal opportunities and would cope well within a secure work environment. They must reflect a thorough understanding of health and safety requirements and confidentiality of information. The role is flexible in many respects Рofficers are expected to work in many different locations and sometimes on weekends and evenings.  Occasionally, officers work on their own and without much outside assistance. They are expected to use their own initiative when addressing requests for information and queries, so strong problem solving skills are desirable.


Related qualifications would be favourable, though not essential.


A minimum of two years experience of work in computer system input and/or police administration work would be required.


Strong problem solving skills, knowledge of health and safety requirements and related laws, the ability to work well as part of a team, IT skills, verbal and presentational skills.