Substance Misuse Worker

Substance Misuse Workers assist the YOT in ensuring that a comprehensive substance misuse care package is available for children and young people at risk of offending, reoffending and causing anti social behaviour.  Research shows that evidence of substance misuse is higher among those children and young people involved in the Criminal Justice system.

YOTS use ASSET for the initial screening and assessment and may follow up with additional specialist screening and assessment tools to further identify any substance misuse needs and the interventions required. This process would need to reflect how a young person’s behaviour may expose them to risk which may be psychological or physical harm, the safety of the young person and offending.

Substance Misuse Worker responsibilities may include

  • Conducting substance misuse screening and assessments
  • Offering specialist assistance to YOT colleagues delivering screening, assessments  and Tier 1 and 2 interventions
  •  Good working relationships with young people’s substance misuse services to ensure effective referral and care management
  • Working with the Secure Estate to ensure continuity of substance misuse services pre and post release
  • Delivering substance misuse interventions according to local arrangements
  • Supporting YOT case workers in providing substance misuse information to the court to facilitate appropriate sentencing decisions.
  • Supporting the delivery and reporting of local and national targets
  • Involvement with other YOT programmes such as Arrest Referral Schemes, Resettlement and After Care Provision (RAP) and groups and gang initiatives.
  • Providing services in line with the new YRO drug testing and treatment requirements

Candidates would require a Social Care qualification and experience of working with substance misuse services and young people with substance misuse needs.