Turning Point

Turning Point is a social care organisation that provides a multi-faceted range of services across the UK. They deal with areas such as substance misuse, mental health, young people’s support, learning disabilities and employment. Because of the wide array of areas that they address, Turning Point have developed and managed innovative new methods of treatment and intervention programmes for people of all ages.

They currently provide social care with around 250 partnerships across England and Wales and have been in operation for over forty years. They have an advantage over other similar organizations in that they provide a wider range of services for a broad spectrum of social issues. This also means that they can address people with multiple issues. This has been noted in the past as something that is limits certain social care organisations.

Their services are growing and they are in the process of developing a range of new initiatives such as Turning Point Building Futures and a scheme to enable Primary Care Trusts to increase their access to psychological therapies. Building Futures aims to concentrate services to support people with learning disabilities or mental health problems in five areas of the country. The objective of which is to help these people live independently in the community. The areas that the scheme will focus on will be in the North West, the North East, Manchester, South Yorkshire and the West Midlands. The services will include ensuring that users live near to care or can access it easily, and one-to-one support.