Westminster Drug Project

The Westminster Drug Project (WDP) is one of the UK’s leading substance misuse treatment providers. They are a registered charity that offer a wide variety of services across London and the South East of England. Their main aim is to reduce the various negative consequences of excessive drug and substance misuse. WDP has been in operation for nearly twenty years and has developed a dynamic and successful operation.

Essentially, WDP is there to minimise social exclusion and the harm that may come about as a result of drug use. They recognise the negative effects that a small amount of misusers can have on the wider community and aim to prevent the problems before they arise. This can be done by providing access to simple information and guidance regarding the dangers and where those affected can receive help and support in their community. The services that they offer are a delivered in a non-discriminatory way as a means of reducing the stigma surrounding the issues.

Their 250-strong staff provide services to thousands of clients in twelve London Boroughs and some of London’s bordering counties. These services include structured day programmes and abstinent care through the organisation’s merger with the Core Trust. The Westminster Drug Project can also be found driving the streets of London in harm reduction mobile vans. These aim to provide easy access to digestible information relating to substance misuse, its harmful effects and the legislation in place that is geared towards reducing these.

They work closely with substance misusers, their families, friends and the wider community. The services that they provide are based on the needs of each case, so the staff at WDP work flexibly and host a versatile and dynamic range of solutions. The team also works closely with relevant partnerships and stakeholders and have the contacts to make necessary specialist referrals and to help ensure that the best outcome is reached for each case or project.