YOT Worker or Case Manager

YOT Worker/Case Manager


YOT Workers are practitioners who hold the responsibility for the assessment and management of young people known to the YOT. This post can be generic or targeted by intervention type or risk classification and may include:

  • Completing quality ASSET assessments to identify a young person’s risk in relation to harm, dangerousness, re-offending and vulnerability and to develop and implement linked risk management plans
  • Planning interventions with the young person and their family/carers to link with the assessment
  • Supervising young people to facilitate compliance and to enforce statutory orders and licences
  • Delivering interventions and co-ordinating the interventions of others who are part of the Intervention Plan
  • Preparing Pre-sentence reports for the Court
  • Preparing Referral Order Reports for Panel Meetings
  • Maintaining contact with young people in the Secure Estate and co-ordinating effective resettlement plans
  • To provide opportunities for restorative approaches to victims and offenders
  • Court and office duties
  • Attendance as Appropriate Adult in Police PACE interviews
  • Working as part of a multi-agency team and liaising with partner organisations

Some YOTs have a¬†specialist¬†social work function within the service and responsibilities may include involvement with remand fostering and the provision of child in need assessments. Team Social workers may also fulfil some of the Looked after Children responsibilities and have an established operational link to Children’s Services.

These posts will require a degree or diploma in Social Work or other Social Care fields.  Social workers would need to be GSCC registered.

In some teams there are also opportunities to work at senior and principal practitioner level.


Some YOTs will have opportunities for unqualified staff who are able to demonstrate good skills in working with young people and their families and a good level of the skills outlined in the Introduction to the Posts.

The role would then include some of the responsibilities outlined in the YOT worker role depending on local circumstances and level of experience.